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No Need To Spend Unnecessary Time In Jail With The Help Of A 24-Hour Bail Bonds Service

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If you find out that someone in your life has been arrested late in the day, this could mean that your loved one is going to spend at least one night in jail while they wait to see a judge and hopefully get released without the need to post bail. However, if your loved one has the unfortunate luck of being arrested right before a weekend, they may find themselves sitting in a cell all weekend awaiting their first appearance in court. In addition to the obvious discomfort that comes along with being in jail, this situation can be especially problematic for individuals who need to report to work or who have children or other dependents that they need to take care of. Thankfully, there is a solution that can allow your loved one to be released regardless of what time of day or night it may be. This solution is the use of a 24-hour bail bonds service. 

What You Will Need In Order To Post Bond

Many of the most common criminal offenses have a predetermined bail amount that is set by local laws. This allows individuals the ability to post bail even if they have not gone before a judge yet. However, in order to take advantage of this opportunity and secure the immediate release of your loved one, you will need to ensure that you have a few things handy when visiting your local 24-hour bail bonds office. These documents include:

  • valid photo identification
  • proof of address
  • proof of income
  • a downpayment that is equal to a certain percent of your loved one's cash bail amount. 

Understand What Comes Next

Once you are able to successfully secure the release of your loved one, it is important to understand what comes next so that you do not find yourself being held financially responsible for the total amount of their bond. In most cases, your loved one will be given a relatively short amount of time to report to the bail bonds office upon their release. This visit is necessary so that your loved one can sign any necessary paperwork and provide the bail bond agent with any additional information they require. If your loved one does not report to the bail bonds office to complete these tasks, their bond can be revoked, so it is a good idea to take them directly to the office upon their release.

In addition to visiting the bonds office, you will need to ensure that your loved one appears in court for all scheduled court dates. If they miss even a single court appearance, their bond can be revoked, a warrant can be issued for their arrest, and you can find yourself owing the full amount of their bond.

For more information, contact a local bail bond agency.