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Navigating the Bail Bonds Process: A Guide

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Being arrested and jailed can be a distressing experience for both the defendant and the family members. Fortunately, the criminal justice system allows for the provision of bail, which enables a defendant to secure release from jail until their trial. However, bail might be too expensive for most people, and that is where bail bond companies come in. Here is an overview of what you should expect when approaching a bail bonds company.

Firstly, one of the primary things you should expect from a bail bonds company is a consultation. A bail bond agent will evaluate the situation and charges to determine if they can offer their services. Next, they will guide you through the bail bond process, clarify their obligations, and address any inquiries you may have about the bail bond agreement, fees, payment terms, or collateral prerequisites.

Secondly, when obtaining a bail bond, you should expect to present some form of collateral to the bail bond company. A bail bond is a type of loan, so just like in other loans, the lender is entitled to protect their investment. As a result, you might need to transfer the title of your property, offer jewelry or electronics as collateral, or find a co-signer who agrees to take responsibility for paying the bail bond in case you fail to meet your contractual obligations.

Thirdly, you should expect to pay a fee to the bail bonds company. The bail bond agent will require a non-refundable fee in return for their services, typically calculated as a percentage of the bail amount. This fee is separate from the collateral you provide and helps to cover the costs of the bail bond, such as the premium, expenses, and risks. 

Fourthly, after getting a bail bond, you should expect to attend all court appearances. When you post a bail bond, you are effectively telling the court that you will appear at every court date and fulfill your legal obligations. If you do not show up in court, the bail bond will be considered forfeited, and the bail bond company will have to pay the entire bail amount. Consequently, the bail bond company may revoke your bond, apprehend you, or hire a bounty hunter to locate and return you to justice.

Lastly, if you adhere to your contractual obligations, you should expect your collateral to be returned to you at the end of the case. Once the case is over and you’ve made all your required court appearances, the bail bond company will return your collateral. 

Approaching a bail bond company can be a daunting task, but knowing what to expect helps to ease the process. After contacting a bail bonds company, you should expect a consultation, be prepared to provide some collateral, pay a fee, attend all court appearances, and return any accrued collateral if everything goes well. 

For more information, contact a bail bonds company in your area.