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4 Simple And Effective Ways To Lower Your Child Support Payments

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Each individual state has its own way of calculating child support payments, but one thing is consistent; your salary has a direct effect on your child support obligation. The total income of the custodial parent is usually included in child support calculations, but not everyone goes by the book. In order to recalculate and even reduce your child support obligation, there are four really easy things you can do to make a big difference.

1. Increase Parenting Time or File for Joint Custody

It should go without saying that spending quality time with your minor children is beneficial to their overall well being. In addition to the good feeling you will get as a result of increasing parenting time, lowered child support payments could another added bonus. This maneuver is especially recommended if you have concerns about your child support payments being misappropriated. On the flip side, you should also consider that you will be responsible for feeding, clothing and entertaining your child when he or she is in your custody.

2. Hire a Forensic Accountant

Forensic and investigative accounting firms get a sizable portion from large companies and corporations, but many have also found themselves presenting evidence during family court proceedings. If you believe that the other parent is purposefully hiding money, you can utilize investigative accounting services to locate secret bank accounts, hidden assets and undisclosed businesses. Hiring a forensic accountant isn't cheap, but when you compare the cost of this service to the reality of paying inflated child support payments for the next decade, the final decision should be clear. Contact a forensic accountant through a company like

3. Further Your Education

If you have tried other methods of decreasing your child support payments, there's a chance that you simply don't have the credentials necessary for meeting your earning potential. If you have documented proof that shows that you have attempted to seek a better paying job or increase your hours, enrolling in school can help you, your child, and the other parent to enjoy a better standard of living.

4. Negotiate for a Better Deal

You can try adding your child to your health insurance plan, offer to pay your fair share of child care costs and even maximize your tax deductions, but when it comes down to it, the final child support order will usually stick. If you are able to negotiate with the other parent, there's a good possibility that you can find some common ground. For example, you can offer to watch your child to help eliminate child care costs if the other parent is in agreement. This solution may not be possible in all circumstances, but when it comes to the welfare of your child, anything that you do will be well worth the effort.